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Prelude Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons has been the pioneer in developing post-graduate medical education in this country. Historically, the College bears a heritage to College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan of which it was the eastern wing. Following the independence of Bangladesh, the College was recreated as a statutory body by a Presidential order, later on ratified by an act of the parliament, to steer postgraduate medical education of a vastly populated, poorly resourced and war ravaged country. With the grace of Almighty and under an ever-unfolding leadership of its fellows, the College has achieved the iconic status in the field of postgraduate medical education of this country. It has definitely been able to set a mark for others to cherish and chase.


The Government of the Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh constituted an adhoc committee of the College with Professor K S Haque as the President in 1972. All fellows of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan who hailed from Bangladesh were admitted as the founder fellows. With great endeavours and untiring efforts, these people were able to hold the first examination in July 1972. A memorable and mighty move was the shift of the College to its own premises at Mohakhali in January, 1982. The College owes this achievement to its the then president Prof. MA Matin.


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The College runs a four weeks course in Basic Medical Sciences. The course is held twice a year before each FCPS Part-I Examination and is intended to prepare those candidates for the Examination. 

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